"Just Yesterday, I Heard A Funny Story From Someone I Know, The End Will *SHOCK* You Too!"


Recently, a single lady got an itchy private part, but she was too religious to go for treatment even though the itches were getting worse.


It was getting so worse that other symptoms started following; oozing of her puss* was the worst of them all..




Her fake news prophet told her that she is itching because her enemies projected spiritual pins into her private part.



He has been praying for her and gave her prayers to do at home.



All her friends have been trying to convince her to go for treatment but to no avail.




Then they deviced a tricky means, it was orchestrated by one of her friends who is a nurse.




She called her and told her of a very powerful prophet in another state, she told her that the prophet has instructed her to take a swab from her privates and hand it over to the nurse for prayers.




When the nurse got it, she took it straight to the lab for a test and found out that she was infected with gonorrhea.




They knew she wouldn't take drugs easily so they invited her to the new prophet's church whom they have already connived with.



The prophet did some powerful prayers for her and shocked her with prophesies about her family which her nurse friend had secretly revealed to the prophet :)




After which the prophet gave her an annointing oil, a church sticker and the doctor's prescription drugs.



They did a checkup swab 2 weeks later and she is now completely healed.


Guess What!...



She still won't go to the hospital for other necessary tests but she has now switched to the new prophet's church.


Mad Ooo! Lolzz



But You Know What; Her Nurse Friend deciced to Share with a few other persons the Drug that she used; she has been helping so many singles and couple (Men and Women) with Staphylococcus, Gonorrhea, STDs and other Infections.


Below is screenshot of one of the recent persons that testified yesterday:::


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You Don't Wanna Wait Till Then, Right?

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